JavaScript and modern Frontend Development

Gaya Kessler
(Full stack) Web Development. Specialising in JavaScript, Sass & Modern Front-end Tooling. Standing in the eye of the storm bringing harmony to back-end, front-end & design.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Gaya Kessler, a developer living in the Netherlands. Opinionated and always ready for a discussion or to help build something great. Also creator of the Social Whisky app Drammit.

I am passionate about creating the best for the web, always keeping up with the latest in web technologies. This enabled me to work on a lot of different projects and experience what works in different situations.


Subjects I mainly focus on are JavaScript, front-end development, React, Redux, webpack, single page applications, mobile apps and back-end JavaScript using Node.js.

I am available as a React Developer as well as solving the whole build pipeline of your projects. My experience lies in creating solid and stable applications which teams of developers like to keep working on and improve.

In the past I have worked on projects of various sizes. This helped me in choosing the right tool for the job. From small JavaScript widgets to full blown applications; anything is possible.

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Need help transitioning to modern front-end workflows?

If your project relies on technologies like grunt, require.js, and other tools which now have better alternatives, it might be hard to know where to start your transition. The right replacements and the way to them can be quite challenging.

I have experience upgrading pipelines of projects to webpack, ES6 using Babel, and minimise the amount of plugins and tools a project needs in order to run. It doesn't matter if you're stuck with grunt, gulp, or require.js, there is a solution.

Steps toward a better environment are hard. Having an extra, experienced, eye can help a lot. I can help you solve this problem.


Gaya Kessler - CleverNode
Deurne / Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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or call: (+31) 6 4883 5450